July 9, 2017

Activity 7/9: Walking desk, 2.4-3.0 mph, 9% incline, 1:07, 2.83 miles
Activity 7/8: 5.15 mile walk, average 25-min mile pace

July 5, 2017

Activity 7/5: Walking desk, 2.4 mph, 9% incline, 57 min, 2.3 miles

July 4, 2017

Activity 7/4: Walking desk, 2.4 mph, 9% incline, 1:10, 2.81 miles

June 23, 2017

Activity 6/23: Walking desk, 2.3 mph, 9% incline, 1:40, 3.75 miles

April 6, 2017

Alfresco: Always Open, Always Innovating: Why Our Approach Continues to Gain Industry Recognition. It's a vendor, so grain of salt, but nevertheless insightful as to the power of content services and open APIs. Also includes links to the Forrester Waves for Business Content Services and Transactional Content Services - registration required.

April 5, 2017

AIIM ECM Master and ERM Master Classes Now Available Online

AIIM has offered ECM and ERM training since 1996. We've always offered students two ways to attend our Practitioner and Specialist courses: our instructor-led courses, and self-paced online courses. But the Master Class, with its in-class case study exercise and home case study assignment, has only been available as an instructor-led format.

Until now. I am very pleased to announce that we have put the ECM Master Class and ERM Master Class online. The Master Classes include 100% of the instructor-led content: The ECM/ERM Specialist, the Implementation, and the ECM/ERM Master Case Study. The Master Case Study portion consists of 5 new modules:

  • The case study assignment background - GreenPowerOps for ECM, AIIMBank for ERM.
  • 3 individual (optional) modules that provide students a chance to practice. Each module includes some exercises and a sample answer for each exercise. 
  • The home case study module. This includes the assignments the student will choose from, as well as detailed information on how the home case study assignments are graded. As noted in the online materials, students should select ONE assignment and complete all the tasks on that assignment. 

Students who sign up for either Master Class will have access to the materials, the online exam, the in-class Case Study, and the at-home Case Study for six months.

The online Master Classes are a great solution for students with no travel budget or who cannot get approval to take the time off (including travel time). It's also great for students who do not live near one of our training locations (U.S., Toronto, London, Amsterdam) or training partners, or for whom our instructor-led course schedule just doesn't work. The price for the self-paced online ECM and ERM Master Classes has been set at USD $1,785.

And if you've already completed one or more of the Practitioner or Specialist components, and want to complete the Master Class, you now have an avenue to do this in a way that works with your schedule and recognizes your prior work. This allows you to upgrade your current designation to the ECM or ERM Master.

More importantly in my opinion, prior students who register for the ECM or ERM Master Class get ALL of the Master Class training materials. So if you took the ERM Practitioner in my first class in February 2006, you get access to all of the most current content as well as the Master Class case study content. If you are interested in this, send a note to training@aiim.org and, once we verify your previous course status, we will give you a discount code that drops the price to $895.

The ECM Master Online and ERM Master Online are available for registration immediately. Feel free to reach out to me at jwilkins@aiim.org if I can provide any additional information.

April 1, 2017

Activity 4/1: Run As One, 3.3mile walk done "ruck"-style - boots, utilities, and an ALICE pack with 22 lbs of weight in recognition of the Mission22 movement.

March 27, 2017

Ryan Holmes (CEO, Hootsuite): Does your company need a Director of Getting Sh*t Done? Honestly, every organization needs one of these IMO - but read the entire thing.

H/T: BJ Johnson.
Ralph Losey: The Doors Are Thrown Open to all 85-Classes of the e-Discovery Team Training Program. Ralph has been one of the deans of e-discovery for more than a decade. I plan to go through this myself and rather sooner than later. From the blog post:
This kind of law school quality e-discovery education, if you could get it, would cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000. Our price is now – zero. It’s Free. (We used to charge $500 to cover overhead, but in 2017 switched to this free model.) Some day we may include vendor ads, but in the meantime, this is just an old lawyer’s legacy and payback to the legal profession. He now absorbs all of the costs of running the program.
I cannot recommend quickly enough that readers of this blog head over and take a look - this is one instance where what you're getting will likely be worth substantially more than what you're paying for it.

Note: I may have met Ralph once or twice in passing but I have no connections, business or otherwise, to him or his organization except an appreciation for what he's done over the years. I've followed his blog and Tweets for many years and, again, encourage readers to do the same.