March 10, 2015

CloudHQ: Box announces FINRA compliance and file-retention features in financial services push

Google+ Hangout on Email, IG, and Hillary Clinton

I've been invited to participate in a Google+ Hangout on email, IG, and the revelations about Hillary Clinton's private email usage. The hangout will be hosted by Mimi Dionne and CMSWire. All the gory details including registration can be found here: You may also be able to follow using the hashtag #clintonemail.

February 20, 2015

Update to upcoming events part 2- athletics

And this is a new irregular update on the various runs, mud runs, and obstacle course races I hope to complete.

May 2-3: Colorado Military Spartan Sprint, Colorado Springs, CO

June 13: Spartan Breckenridge Beast, Breckenridge, CO

August 1-2: Rugged Maniac, Lakewood, CO
August 15: Dirty Dash, Fountain, CO
August 15: Warrior Dash, Frisco, CO
August 22-23: Insanity Run, Larkspur, CO

Oct 30: The Zombie Run, Erie, CO

I also need to do a Spartan Super for the trifecta. Most likely candidates:
July 18, Pennsylvania
Aug 15, Chicago
Aug 22, Virginia
Sept 12, Tri-State (NJ)
Oct 10, Atlanta

Finally, my wish list if I can make the travel work with a course or speaking gig:
August 1: Spartan Sprint, Washington DC
October 24: Greater DC Area Battlefrog OCR Series 2015

Update to upcoming events part 1 - IM industry

Another irregular update to events that I am either conducting, participating in, hope to attend, or that are of interest to me in some way and for some reason.

March 3-6: AIIM ECM Master Class, San Francisco, CA (confirmed)
March 16-21: AIIM 2015 Conference, San Diego, CA (confirmed)

April 14-16: AIIM ECM Virtual Master Class
April 20-23: Private class, Washington, DC
April 28-May 1: AIIM ERM Master Class, Chicago, IL

May 5-8: AIIM ECM Master Class, Calgary, AB
May 16-20: MER Conference, Chicago, IL (confirmed)
May 25-27: ARMA Canada Conference, Calgary, AB

June 2-5: AIIM ECM Master Class, Silver Spring, MD
June 23-26: AIIM ERM Master Class, Silver Spring, MD

August 8: NIRMA ERM Preconference, Las Vegas, NV
eLearning Industry: 17 Awesome Resources on Micro-Learning
eLearning Industry: Go Engage the Modern Learners. Here's How.
Meet the Modern Learner (infographic).

February 8, 2015

Ralph Losey: Information Governance v Search: The Battle Lines Are Redrawn

This is an important (and LONG!) post and I think I'm closer to Ralph's position than the alternative. Given the explosive growth in information, and the continued and growing tension between disposition and Big Data's "save-it-in-case-we-need-it" position, I think Ralph is on to something here.

February 6, 2015

The Verge: Keurig's attempt to 'DRM' its coffee cups totally backfired. Reason number 1,048,576 why DRM is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea nearly 100% of the time.

February 3, 2015

Don Leuders: The Automated Information Lifecycle Management Model: Part 2 – Records Management at a Tipping Point

Agree with the tipping point part and I know the two vendors listed have some good stuff (as do others) but hoping the next update or two have a bit more "there" there. The information professionals out there get the tipping point part but need to know how to address it effectively - and "buy software" isn't the answer by a long shot.

Slide shows

Dear marketers and their web design minions,

If you think your article on the "Top 10 Reasons to Do X" will get more clicks because it's in a snazzy slide show, with one picture/article per reason, it won't. So don't do it.

And if you prolong the agony by making it 4-5 slides with 1 pithy line of text per slide, I hope you die in the fire of a thousand suns.

January 22, 2015

ARMA Houston 2015 Spring Seminar Call for Speakers

ARMA Houston is soliciting speakers for its annual Spring Seminar, scheduled this year for April 21-22, 2015. Proposals are due by Jan 31; additional details available at

Emmitt Leahy Awards Nominations Open

From the nominations and applications page:
Any living individual who has had a major impact on the field of records and information management is eligible to be nominated. Nominations may be submitted by any individual, organization, or institution.  Nomination letters should be sent electronically to Ken Thibodeau, Chair of the Leahy Award Committee ( by March 1, 2015. 
More details and past winners available at

White papers and registration

Since this is my own personal blog, I get to do what I want with it within my own ethics and values. One of the things I like to do is link to resources I find useful and that I think would be of value to my colleagues in the information management industry. I don't care whose name is on the cover of a white paper - association, vendor, analyst, consultant, fishmonger - but rather the value of its contents.

In order for me to link to a resource, I have to be able to see it. That is, I don't just post links to random resources that sound interesting - I read it first and link based on that.

I am also against the practice of requiring registration in order to access those resources. That's one of the most significant points of value and differentiation I find in blogs in fact. So that means that if a resources is gated behind a registration wall, even one as simple as name and email address, I won't review it and I won't link to it regardless of the source.

I know why content providers do this - there are a number of reasons in fact depending on the organization.That's their choice to keep content out of the public discourse. But it's my choice to disregard content that isn't freely available. After all, to paraphrase the oft-heard quote, "if you aren't paying for the product, you are the product." I'd rather they be honest and put a price or microprice tag on it, or provide it as part of a subscription model.

Comments welcome; however note that this is my opinion and does not reflect any position of my employer, past, present or future. Note also that you are quite unlikely to change my mind.
CGOC: Information Governance Needs to be Part of the Strategic Discussion.

January 20, 2015

Call for Nominations for the Carl E. Weise Scholarship Award for Information Governance

Pleased that AIIM is recognizing our late colleague Carl Weise with this new scholarship.

Details are available at The deadline to apply is February 15.
McKinsey: Fully networked organizations achieve higher technology impact from their social-technology use than others, even in unexpected areas.

April 16, 2014

Updated speaking schedule

Latest in an irregular series of postings about my speaking/training schedule. Here it is in a nutshell:

April 2014:

  • April 22-23: ARMA Houston Spring Seminar, Houston, TX
May 2014:
  • May 7: ARMA NoVA (Northern Virginia), Alexantria, VA
  • May 12: AIIM Western Canada, Cloud Content Management, Calgary, Alberta
  • May 13: AIIM Western Canada, Automating Records Management, Edmonton, Alberta
  • May 15: ARMA Northern Colorado (TBC), Loveland, CO
  • May 18, MER Preconference Workshop on Automating Records Management
  • May 19-21: MER Conference
Want more details about any of these, or about how to get me to speak at your event or conference? Email me at or ping me on Twitter at @jessewilkins

February 11, 2014

Tattoo ideas

Been thinking about getting tattoo #2 for a while now and I'm a bit torn.

The Idea. 
As many people know I served in the Marine Corps, and spent some time as a drill instructor molding young men into Marines. So the one I've been thinking most about is a riff on one of my favorite saying, "Pain is weakness leaving the body" with either a Marine Corps emblem, a drill instructor campaign cover, or something else in the middle, along the lines of this but with that saying replacing the red text shown:

I've also gotten quite a bit into the idea of duality with some combination of a marine in dress blues, a Spartan, a drill instructor, etc. So was thinking about some riff off of the following images:

And perhaps most geekily, I'm increasingly fascinated by the World of Warcraft Horde logo:

The Location.
I'm still old-school enough that I think ink should be able to be covered by a standard polo shirt. So no Mike Tyson designs for me. Yet. I'm OK with biceps area and I don't think any of these would be objectionable (except to Alliance players - and who cares about them?) if they peeked out from under a short sleeve. Calf/ankle are also possible, as is left side of chest or right shoulder - I already have a tattoo on left arm.

Other Considerations. 
Not looking to spend thousands of dollars on this, so size does matter. And I need to schedule/get it when it won't interfere with other duties - so most likely before my next public event if possible so it's healed/healing by then. That gives me about 6 weeks.

Anyway, that's it. Feel free to send any comments or other suggestions to me at or @jessewilkins on Twitter.

February 5, 2014

Fierce Content Management: New group wants to drag information governance into the future. The direct link to the IGI is

Updated speaking/course schedule

Here's an irregular update to my speaking/course schedule through May 2014.

Feb 18-20: ECM Master Virtual Class
Mar 4-6: ERM Master Virtual Class
Mar 19-20: Information Governance Practitioner Virtual Class
Mar 31: AIIM 2014 Preconference on Managing Records with SharePoint 2013, Orlando, FL
April 1-3: AIIM 2014, Orlando, FL
April 7-11: Private class, Houston, TX
April 16: Closing Keynote (virtual), Social Business Forum in Sao Paolo
April 22-23: ARMA Houston Spring Seminar, Houston, TX
April 28-May 2: Private class, Arlington, VA
May 7: ARMA Northern Virginia Spring Seminar
May 18: Managing Electronic Records (MER) Preconference on Automating Records Management, Chicago, IL
May 19-21: MER Conference, Chicago, IL

Interested in one of the public courses? Ping me.
Summit7Systems: How to Conditionally Require Data in SharePoint Columns

January 7, 2014

ARMA Houston 2014 Spring Seminar

I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the ARMA Houston 2014 Spring Seminar, scheduled for April 22-23, 2014 in Houston. I will be speaking on "How to Conduct a Social Business Assessment" - applying the principles of a records inventory and business/technology assessment to social media (both internal and external). Details on the conference are available at