July 27, 2017

Craig Ball: Custodian-Directed Preservation of iPhone Content: Simple. Scalable. Proportional. Interesting, but not sure I agree - the comments (including mine I hope!) are interesting as well.

My contribution: how is using an iPhone backup for preservation any different from e.g. using a PC or system backup for preservation? And there is significant case law in the US that reflects on that approach through the lenses of cost shifting, accessibility of the underlying information, etc.

July 9, 2017

Activity 7/9: Walking desk, 2.4-3.0 mph, 9% incline, 1:07, 2.83 miles
Activity 7/8: 5.15 mile walk, average 25-min mile pace

July 5, 2017

Activity 7/5: Walking desk, 2.4 mph, 9% incline, 57 min, 2.3 miles

July 4, 2017

Activity 7/4: Walking desk, 2.4 mph, 9% incline, 1:10, 2.81 miles