July 31, 2013

July 30, 2013

Erm. The Las Vegas Red Dress Run is the weekend before the ARMA 2013 conference in Las Vegas. Coincidence? Assuredly - but I still may end up attending 2 events in southern Nevada in Oct. :)
AIIM and EPC Group.net are hosting a webinar on September 18, "SharePoint 2013: Clouding the Issues?"
A "no vacation" policy at Sharegate. Interesting approach and one that I'd think would identify bad apples pretty quickly.
A reminder that the AIIM 2014 call for presentations is still open - and the August 12 deadline is rapidly approaching. Details about the topics and the conference can be found at http://www.aiimconference.com/.
MER 2014 call for speakers deadline is November 1. This is a great conference focused on managing electronic records and I've had the privilege to speak there the last 4 conferences. If you have a story to tell don't wait - it will fill up fast.

July 24, 2013

Your organization doesn't need social media experts, it needs its experts on social media. Absolutely.
CMSWire: Growing Popularity of Chat Apps Means Revising Information Governance, Security Plans. The article it links to on chat apps vs. SMS is pretty interesting too.
Slightly political rant with which I fervently agree: Block Porn? Don't Bother. As an aside, I think Chris's arguments are also highly relevant for organizations looking not to block porn but social media:
What makes you think that applying a filter, which can be turned off [note: or blocked at the firewall, which can be circumvented using employee-owned devices], will change this? If Mummy or Daddy your employees want to see naughty-naughty access Facebook on the computer work network, they will turn the filter off...
In other words, it's a training and governance issue, not a block it issue. And if employees are accessing Facebook for non-work-related things and wasting organizational time and resources, that's a management and employee thing, not a Facebook thing.

Anyway, read the whole thing at Chris's blog.
25 must-read books for fellow SharePoint nerds.
Fierce Content Management: Content management should always have been about the users.

July 22, 2013

Archiving social media is not spy work. Don't agree with everything in this article but then I'm not a lawyer. The article comes from Nextpoint, a vendor in the space, but it's a pretty straight article.
Why your company needs social collaboration at work. I found the opening anecdote fascinating in that so many organizations approach collaboration the second way - as in the way they've always done it - without understanding the speed of the first way. That dichotomy precisely represents the gap in many organizations between organic social and bolting social onto existing processes. As an aside, the second picture is probably much higher quality than the first - but "good enough" + timeliness wins in many many environments.
Investment advisors' use of social media continues to grow.

July 18, 2013

A new concept in SharePoint collaboration: Self-publishing books. The book content is probably beyond me technically but I like the idea of getting a bunch of smart people together, having them each write a chapter, and then having a lot of feedback via volunteers.

Recipe: Cuban sandwich salad

8 oz roast pork, diced
8 oz ham, diced
8 oz Swiss cheese, diced
1 large dill pickle, diced
8 cups mixed salad greens
Honey mustard dressing to taste

1. Combine pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickle in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.
2. Place 2 cups mixed salad greens into each of 4 bowls. Top each salad with 3/4 cup of the meat, cheese, and pickle mixture.
3. Drizzle honey mustard dressing on salad to taste. Or use dijon mustard, which will have a stronger flavor and thicker consistency.

Makes 4 servings.

ARMA members get a 20% discount off the AIIM Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam. Details here.
Four ways to make enterprise social work. (H/T Christian Buckley)

July 16, 2013

Another blog I read regularly for info mgmt and SharePoint stuff is Dan Antion's SharePoint Stories.
Walking desk total today: 2:06, 5.05 miles (2.4 mph at 6% slope), 900 calories.
My social media filters:
LinkedIn - if I recognize you or place you in information management, I'll connect.
Twitter - hey, you choose to follow me, I'll probably follow back.
Facebook - if I won't bail you out of jail, pick you up at the airport, help you move, or a few other very narrow exceptions, it ain't happening. Facebook is where the barriers go down just a little bit.
Google+ - yeah right. :P
Any other service, if you see this:

It's probably me and I'll probably connect. If you see a "jesse wilkins" that doesn't use that pic, it probably isn't.
Jeffrey Lewis has a great blog on information management - check it out.

So does Christian Walker - and holy PHIG, he's writing a book.

Laurence Hart, AIIM CIO and longtime ECM geek, has one too and it's always worth a read.
The Oatmeal talks about running and gets to the very heart of why *I* run as well.
One of my all-time favorite food channels and semi-NSFW - Epic Meal Time.

Starting over

I've owned this blog for a long time - can't seem to find the exact date but it's been since around 2005. The focus has evolved a number of times but it's always been generally information management and professionally focused. I've posted in fits & starts depending on my workload, my interests, and my mood.

It's been 2 years since I posted at all and in the 2 years prior to that I'd posted a small handful.

So. I'm starting it over again.

The focus this time will be much broader, more personal, more personally meaningful to me while still including a lot of professionally interesting things. I'm thinking less of the "long form" style and more the "linkblog with comments style" exemplified by one of my favorite small-l libertarian blogs, Instapundit. And like that blog, this one will cover a variety of topics and themes I find interesting, such as:

  • Information management
  • Information governance
  • Social media usage and governance
  • SharePoint
  • The three "B"s - bacon, beer, and bourbon
  • Fitness and my efforts to reclaim my youth
  • Upcoming events I find interesting, whether work-related (AIIM Conference, ARMA Conference) or not (Warrior Dash, KC Bacon Fest)
I'm still going to mostly stay away from politics. The blog will generally be safe for work, though I do like me some explicit webcomics like The Oatmeal (often NSFW). 

Hoping to keep at it more in this different format. Thanks for reading. :)