July 16, 2013

Starting over

I've owned this blog for a long time - can't seem to find the exact date but it's been since around 2005. The focus has evolved a number of times but it's always been generally information management and professionally focused. I've posted in fits & starts depending on my workload, my interests, and my mood.

It's been 2 years since I posted at all and in the 2 years prior to that I'd posted a small handful.

So. I'm starting it over again.

The focus this time will be much broader, more personal, more personally meaningful to me while still including a lot of professionally interesting things. I'm thinking less of the "long form" style and more the "linkblog with comments style" exemplified by one of my favorite small-l libertarian blogs, Instapundit. And like that blog, this one will cover a variety of topics and themes I find interesting, such as:

  • Information management
  • Information governance
  • Social media usage and governance
  • SharePoint
  • The three "B"s - bacon, beer, and bourbon
  • Fitness and my efforts to reclaim my youth
  • Upcoming events I find interesting, whether work-related (AIIM Conference, ARMA Conference) or not (Warrior Dash, KC Bacon Fest)
I'm still going to mostly stay away from politics. The blog will generally be safe for work, though I do like me some explicit webcomics like The Oatmeal (often NSFW). 

Hoping to keep at it more in this different format. Thanks for reading. :)

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