February 11, 2014

Tattoo ideas

Been thinking about getting tattoo #2 for a while now and I'm a bit torn.

The Idea. 
As many people know I served in the Marine Corps, and spent some time as a drill instructor molding young men into Marines. So the one I've been thinking most about is a riff on one of my favorite saying, "Pain is weakness leaving the body" with either a Marine Corps emblem, a drill instructor campaign cover, or something else in the middle, along the lines of this but with that saying replacing the red text shown:

I've also gotten quite a bit into the idea of duality with some combination of a marine in dress blues, a Spartan, a drill instructor, etc. So was thinking about some riff off of the following images:

And perhaps most geekily, I'm increasingly fascinated by the World of Warcraft Horde logo:

The Location.
I'm still old-school enough that I think ink should be able to be covered by a standard polo shirt. So no Mike Tyson designs for me. Yet. I'm OK with biceps area and I don't think any of these would be objectionable (except to Alliance players - and who cares about them?) if they peeked out from under a short sleeve. Calf/ankle are also possible, as is left side of chest or right shoulder - I already have a tattoo on left arm.

Other Considerations. 
Not looking to spend thousands of dollars on this, so size does matter. And I need to schedule/get it when it won't interfere with other duties - so most likely before my next public event if possible so it's healed/healing by then. That gives me about 6 weeks.

Anyway, that's it. Feel free to send any comments or other suggestions to me at jwilkins13@gmail.com or @jessewilkins on Twitter.

February 5, 2014

Fierce Content Management: New group wants to drag information governance into the future. The direct link to the IGI is http://www.iginitiative.com/.

Updated speaking/course schedule

Here's an irregular update to my speaking/course schedule through May 2014.

Feb 18-20: ECM Master Virtual Class
Mar 4-6: ERM Master Virtual Class
Mar 19-20: Information Governance Practitioner Virtual Class
Mar 31: AIIM 2014 Preconference on Managing Records with SharePoint 2013, Orlando, FL
April 1-3: AIIM 2014, Orlando, FL
April 7-11: Private class, Houston, TX
April 16: Closing Keynote (virtual), Social Business Forum in Sao Paolo
April 22-23: ARMA Houston Spring Seminar, Houston, TX
April 28-May 2: Private class, Arlington, VA
May 7: ARMA Northern Virginia Spring Seminar
May 18: Managing Electronic Records (MER) Preconference on Automating Records Management, Chicago, IL
May 19-21: MER Conference, Chicago, IL

Interested in one of the public courses? Ping me.
Summit7Systems: How to Conditionally Require Data in SharePoint Columns