February 11, 2014

Tattoo ideas

Been thinking about getting tattoo #2 for a while now and I'm a bit torn.

The Idea. 
As many people know I served in the Marine Corps, and spent some time as a drill instructor molding young men into Marines. So the one I've been thinking most about is a riff on one of my favorite saying, "Pain is weakness leaving the body" with either a Marine Corps emblem, a drill instructor campaign cover, or something else in the middle, along the lines of this but with that saying replacing the red text shown:

I've also gotten quite a bit into the idea of duality with some combination of a marine in dress blues, a Spartan, a drill instructor, etc. So was thinking about some riff off of the following images:

And perhaps most geekily, I'm increasingly fascinated by the World of Warcraft Horde logo:

The Location.
I'm still old-school enough that I think ink should be able to be covered by a standard polo shirt. So no Mike Tyson designs for me. Yet. I'm OK with biceps area and I don't think any of these would be objectionable (except to Alliance players - and who cares about them?) if they peeked out from under a short sleeve. Calf/ankle are also possible, as is left side of chest or right shoulder - I already have a tattoo on left arm.

Other Considerations. 
Not looking to spend thousands of dollars on this, so size does matter. And I need to schedule/get it when it won't interfere with other duties - so most likely before my next public event if possible so it's healed/healing by then. That gives me about 6 weeks.

Anyway, that's it. Feel free to send any comments or other suggestions to me at jwilkins13@gmail.com or @jessewilkins on Twitter.

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Jesse Wilkins said...

WoW-wise I'm most often and most comfortable with the Retribution Paladin and Protection Paladin classes. Think jarheads are more Warrior class, esp. Arms and Fury, but never did get into them. So any riff on the Horde logo that was more customized would need to riff on the Ret hammer or the Prot shield prolly.