January 9, 2019

CIP 2019 - Quick Update on Renewals and Reinstatement

If you're a CIP, you know or should know that you have to renew it every three years, either by retaking the then-current exam (and paying the then-current exam fee!), or by submitting 45 continuing education credits and paying a renewal fee. I wrote about that process at some length at https://informata.blogspot.com/2016/07/maintaining-your-cip-certification.html.

When we launch the revised CIP exam later this year, we're going to increase the CEU requirement from 45 over 3 years to 60 over 3 years, or 20/year. This will bring us into alignment with nearly every other industry certification.

Most CIPs are already doing well in excess of 20 hours of continuing education a year - which is not surprising, given the rate of change and the imperative to keep up with it all. And 20 hours a year equates to less than 1% of a work year, so we think it's reasonable to expect a professional to spend 1% of their time keeping up with trends and changes.

Updated 6/3/2019: The renewal fees will stay the same, $135 for AIIM professional members and $150 for non-members.

We're going to increase the reinstatement fee to $249. This fee only applies to CIPs who let their status lapse and who need to renew after the 3-year renewal period. However, we are also giving serious thought to removing the current 1-year limit, so that a lapsed CIP would be able to renew at any time by submitting CEUs earned within the previous 3 years and paying the renewal fee. We believe that anyone who has passed the CIP exam at least once has demonstrated their "CIP-ness" and should be eligible to reinstate their status, provided they submit the required CEUs and pay the reinstatement fee.

How will this affect current CIPs?
We're targeting the exam to go live this summer, and we'll give more specific dates as we get closer. All changes to the program, as well as the exam itself, will all go live at the same time, and all new CIPs and all renewal cycles that start after that date will be subject to the new requirements. So if you're a CIP now and good through, say, June 5, 2020, you'd have to meet the new requirements starting June 5, 2020 for your renewal cycle ending June 5, 2023. (JW: Updated to reflect change in thinking based on comments below)

We'll be communicating this often - via email, via social media, at the AIIM community, etc.

I welcome your thoughts and comments here or at jwilkins@aiim.org.


JedPC said...

So if I qualified in Spring of 2018 (a the conference) instead of 3 years to get 45 hours of CE in, and before paying my re-up, I now only have approx 18 months?

Seems to me it would be a lot more equitable for those already qualified to see out their 3 years, before paying the fee and moving up to the 60 points; or a middle compromise, you pro-rate the points from the go live date, but still have 3 years from qualifying date for version 2.

Jesse Wilkins said...

Hi Jed,

Good points all. This is why I posted this, so we could get feedback from the CIPs themselves. :) There may be a way for us to stagger it such that current CIPs would fulfill the current requirements, and CIP 2019 participants would follow those requirements. I suspect it will be a more manual process, but that might be what's required. I'll keep chewing on it!