March 29, 2024

Upcoming Industry Meetings and Webinars - April 1-30, 2024

Here are the industry webinars and events I'm aware of for April 1-30, 2024. Conferences and bigger events are listed through June 30, 2024 because they have longer lead times. I don't have anything to do with any of these from a planning perspective, so please reach out to the individual event producers with any questions.

Note also that I generally don't include training courses as the volume is simply too high. I'm working on a better/different way to highlight industry training - watch this space. 

Also note that 16 ARMA chapters have come together for the 4th Annual Spring Seminar Mania. The individual events are listed on the applicable date below, but you can see the entire list and learn about possible prizes at

If you know of a webinar or other event during this period that is focused on IM, IG, RM, etc. that's not listed, let me know here or at Vendors, other associations, consultants, etc. all welcome as long as the event is educational and not completely self-serving, e.g., no demos. No charge to list your event or to access the list. 

April 1-4 - IAPP Global Privacy Summit, Washington, DC

April 2 - Digital Government Institute, 21st Annual E-Discovery, Records and Information Management Conference, Reston, VA

April 2 - ACMP Ohio, Taking a Stand for Change Readiness

April 3 - IMCanadaConnect, RIM Month - Creating a RIM Month Campaign

April 3 - ACMP Midwest, Sustainment Planning: Unlocking the Secrets to Long-Term Change Success

April 3-5 - AIIM24, San Antonio, TX

April 3-5 - 2024 i-Sigma Conference & Expo, Nashville, TN

April 4 - ARMA, Building a Retention Schedule 2.0: Building a Strong Foundation

April 4 - NAGARA, Joint Expedition: Information Security and Records Management - Discovering and Mapping the Unknown Together

April 8-10 - ARMA InfoNEXT, Palm Springs, CA

April 9 - ARMA Chicago, Navigating the Future with AI in Legal Information Governance

April 9 - ARMA Dallas, Spring Records Seminar

April 9 - ARMA Northeast Ohio, How to Build and Sustain Your RIM Program with a RIM Playbook

April 9 - AIIM+, AIIM+ Insights: Forming the Future - The Intersection of Forms Management and IM (members only)

April 9 - ACMP, Creating a Change Measurement Plan that will convince the most hard-nosed analyst (members only)

April 9-11 - North American Cloud & Collaboration Summit, Dallas, TX 

April 9-13 - IAC Information Architecture Conference, Seattle, WA 

April 10 - ARMA Puget Sound and Oregon, Certifications & Credentials Panel Discussion

April 10 - AIIM and Box, Unleash the Power of Information: Tap into the Value of Your Unstructured Data

April 10 - RIMPA Global, Executive Engagement Masterclass 2024

April 10-11 - Docusign Momentum24, New York City, NY

April 11 - ARMA Triangle, Lessons from the Past: Preparing for the Future of Information Governance

April 11 - ARMA, Building a Retention Schedule 2.0: Record Retention Schedule Management Software

April 12 - ACMP Pacific NW, Innovation Elegance: What A People-Centric Methodology Looks Like

April 13 - Austin ARMA, Spring Shred Day 2024

April 16 - ARMA Mile High Denver, Bridging the Digital Divide

April 16 - ARMA San Antonio, I Don't Want to Talk About AI - But Change is in the Air

April 16 - Florida Gulf Coast ARMA, An End Users Guide to Online Document Management

April 16 - ARMA Central Missouri, Tour of American Archaeology Division, University of Missouri

April 16 - AIIM and AvePoint, AIIM+ Insight Exchange: The Data Problem That’s Halting AI Success

April 16 - Microsoft, Achieving Success with the Microsoft Maturity Model: Using Copilot as an Example

April 16 - Zasio, CPR for Information Governance: The Convergence of Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Retention

April 16-17 - ARMA Houston, Spring Conference

April 16-17 - GRC Connect Chicago, in association with OCEG, Chicago, IL

April 17 - ARMA Nebraska Spring Seminar, Gamification: Putting the Fun in RIM Fundamentals

April 17 - ARMA Arizona Spring Seminar

April 17 - Southern California Inland Empire ARMA, Data Migration: What Records Managers Need to Know

April 17 - ARMA Michigan, Spring Seminar '24 - Back to Basics

April 17 - Greater Kansas City ARMA, Unlocking the Power of Persuasion - A Playful Journey into Marketing Your IG Program

April 17 - ARMA Metro NYC-LI, Building Bridges: Data Governance 1.0 to 2.0

April 17 - Meru Data, Mitigating and Managing Third Party Risk

April 17 - Contoural, Embarking on AI Governance: Getting Started Quickly

April 17 - ACMP Midwest, Midwest Change Conference 2024 - Innovate, Adapt, Succeed

April 17 - ACMP UK, Why Do We Create Change Tribes Rather Than Communities? 

April 17 - IAPP and Visa, The role consumer consent plays in the future of trusted commerce (members only)

April 17 - DocPoint and QAI, M365: The Center of Your Records and Compliance Strategy

April 18 - ARMA Winnipeg, City of Saskatoon: Bringing Information Governance to Life

April 18 - ARMA Jacksonville, Thirsty Thursday

April 18 - ARMA St. Louis, A Design Thinking Approach to Difficult Conversations

April 18 - ARMA Oklahoma, What is Your Conflict Management Style?

April 18 - ARMA Keystone PA, Art Tour and Privacy

April 18 - ARMA Utah, Have the Contours of Your Landscape Changed? Time to Evolve Your Retention Schedule Too! 

April 18 - AIIM Florida, The best predictor of Information Management Success is your Staff's ability to find the Content they need

April 18 - RIMPA Global, Townsville | Roadshow

April 18 - IAPP and Osano, How to become a trusted brand in the age of data privacy (members only)

April 18 - Leadership Through Data, Value of Records - Unpacking the Significance of Vegetables vs. Flowers

April 18 - KIK Consulting, RDWG Webinar: Metadata Management's Impact on Data Governance

April 18-24 - 2024 AIIP Symposium, St. Louis, MO

April 19 - IAPP and RadarFirst, Highway to the regulation zone: The Intersection of cyber and privacy (members only)

April 19 - ARMA Hawai'i, Site Tour of the Hawai’i State Records Center

April 19 - Boise ARMA, Open House at Idaho Records Management

April 22-25 - Laserfiche Empower, Las Vegas, NV

April 23 - Twin Cities ARMA, Spring Seminar

April 23 - ARMA Golden State, Reassessing Success: Refocusing on the Needs of End Users with Real Microsoft 365 Change Management

April 23 - Greater Chattanooga ARMA, Information Governance and Artificial Intelligence 

April 23 - Valora Technologies, How to Manage Data Privacy While Managing Records

April 24 - Austin ARMA April Workshop, Records and Information Management (RIM) 101

April 24 - Austin ARMA, Finding the Courage to Move Forward

April 24 - ARMA Madison, Best Practices for Long-Term File Preservation

April 24 - ARMA Greater Los Angeles, RIM Certifications Overview 2024

April 24 - AIIM, How to Drive Productivity and Make Better Business Decisions with AI

April 24 - OneTrust, Integrating privacy strategically into your business

April 24-25 - Data Innovation Summit, Stockholm, SWE and online

April 25 - ARMA Milwaukee, Records Management in the Age of Privacy

April 25 - AIIM, The AIIM24 Experience: A Recap and Discussion

April 25 - ACMP, Creating Micro-connections That Build Trust and Influence (members only)

April 25 - IAPP and OneTrust, Bringing your AI policy to life: Operationalizing key strategies for governance (members only)

April 26 - NAGARA, 2024 Spring Online Forum: Data Detox

April 29 - RIMPA Global, Document Controllers Focus Group

Apr 29 - May 1 - ILTA Evolve, Charleston, NC 

April 30 - North Dakota ARMA, Spring Seminar

April 30 - ARMA Northern Virginia, How's Your IG/IT Relationship?

April 30 - AIIM+, AIIM+ Community Conversation: Navigating Information Management Challenges (members only)

April 30-May 2 - Microsoft 365 Conference, Orlando, FL 

May 2 - Tungsten Automation Summit, Chicago, IL 

May 8-10 - Privacy+Security Forum, Washington, DC 

May 12-14 - IRMS24 Conference, Brighton, UK

May 12-14 - ARMA Canada Information Conference 2024, Calgary, AB

May 13-15 - Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, London, UK 

May 15 - Microsoft IM Tech Summit Europe 2024, London, UK

May 20-22 - DSF'24, Boston, MA

May 20-22 - OneTrust TrustWeek, Austin, TX

May 21-24 - FRMA Annual Conference, Daytona Beach, FL

May 23 - CIGOA, AI Governance Summit, Atlanta, GA

June 3-7 - 365 Educon + PWR Educon Seattle, Seattle, WA 

June 4-5 - IAPP AIGG 2024, Brussels, BEL

June 6-7 - ARMA California Summer Conference, Irvine, CA

June 8-11 - IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2024, Toronto, ON

June 10-11 - Knowledge Summit Dublin, Dublin, Ireland 

June 10-13 - Databricks, Data + AI Summit, San Francisco, CA

June 11-13 - ACMP Change Management Global Connect, virtual

June 12 - AIAI, Generative AI Summit, New York City, NY

June 24-25 - AIIM Forum Europe, Manchester, UK

If you're looking for a speaker, I'm available to speak at your chapter or event. For more details, see; this post also lists a few other speakers who are available and quite good. I published a separate blog post about how to find speakers and what to look for at 

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