September 1, 2017

CompTIA announces retirement of CDIA+

From the announcement

The CompTIA CDIA+ certification retires December 1, 2017. CompTIA will not renew or replace this certification exam. Anyone studying for the CDIA+ certification exam is encouraged to complete their studies and seek certification prior to December 1, 2017.
Vouchers already purchased for either exam will be valid through the retirement date as noted above. Exam vouchers not used by the retirement date will expire and become void.
Although these exams will be retired, anyone who has received their certification will remain CompTIA certified, good for life.
This is not the first time this has been announced actually - think they did so in 2010-2012 timeframe and the pushback was sufficient to resurrect it. But in the last 10 years or so it's always been a bit of an odd duck combining producting imaging planning, basic project management, and technical minutiae which is no longer relevant - for example calculating the image size of a TIFF based on resolution, color depth, and compression algorithm used. 

It's the end of an era - my involvement with the CompTIA CDIA+ exam development process introduced me to a broader world outside of IMR and really got me started in certification and training.

H/T: Pam Doyle


Unknown said...

Hi, Can you kindly recommend certifications or course similar to cdia+. I'm interested in starting a document management business in Ghana and I reckon I need some more education.

Jesse Wilkins said...

Sure! Full disclosure, I work at AIIM and ran the training program until recently. But I think AIIM offers a number of courses that might be of value for a DM business, depending on your background. Probably the best bet is the Certified Information Professional course and certification - it covers the entire lifecycle of information management including capture, metadata, etc. It doesn't go into the weeds as much as CDIA+ did - no calculating image sizes for example - but we think it provides a solid foundation on all aspects of document, information, and records management.

The AIIM ECM courses might also be of value. They are narrower than the CIP, but go a bit deeper into some of the nuances.

If you're looking at document control type classes, such as for that role in energy firms, AIIM doesn't offer such a course but I have seen some listed online including Consepsys.

Regards, jesse