May 16, 2023

Upcoming Industry Meetings and Webinars - May 16 - June 15, 2023

Here are the industry webinars and events I'm aware of for May 16 - June 15, 2023. I don't have anything to do with them from a planning perspective, so please reach out to the individual event producers with any questions. I also don't get paid or get anything out of this other than the satisfaction of helping get the word out.  

5/16/2023 - ARMA Golden State, ChatGPT: Legal Concerns and Its Impact on IG Best Practices

5/16/2023 - ARMA Twin Cities, Managing eDiscovery and Legal Holds

5/16/2023 - ARMA Metro NYC-LI, CONFIRM.NYC 2023

5/16/2023 - ARMA Mile High Denver, How to Privacy-Enable Your Records Retention Schedule to Avoid Conflict

5/16/2023 - ARMA Jacksonville, The New Holistic Approach to Records Management

5/16/2023 - ARMA Central Missouri, Contract and Vendor Management - How MEM Has Updated Their Processes

5/16/2023 - ARMA San Antonio, What's Happening at Port San Antonio

5/16/2023 - ARMA Florida Gulf Coast, The Convergence of Information Governance, Data Privacy & E-Discovery

5/16/2023 - ARMA Atlanta, Security and Privacy Risks of AI

5/16/2023 - ARMA Tidewater, Chapter Members and Vendors Meet & Greet

5/16/2023 - AIIM+, Industry Watch Review (members only)

5/17/2023 - ARMA St. Louis, Documenting Our Family Histories: How and Why Genealogists Rely on Archival Records & Finding Your Ancestors at the Library & Research Center

5/17/2023 - ARMA Nebraska, Media Mystery - Paper or Electronic? 

5/17/2023 - Greater Washington DC Chapter of ARMA, TCG Process - Learn the latest on IDP and Document Process Automation

5/17/2023 - ARMA Southern California Inland Empire, Change...Are You Ready For It?

5/17/2023 - Meru Data, Privacy Engineering: Moving from legal requirements to implementation

5/17/2023 - AIIM and Cadence Solutions, Records Management Out-of-the-Box with M365 – Myth or Reality

5/17/2023 - Access, Understanding the Relationship Between Artificial Intelligence and Records and Information Management

5/18/2023 - ARMA Detroit, Digital Preservation: Securing Your Data

5/18/2023 - ARMA Liberty Bell, Cloud Based Records Information Management Strategies

5/18/2023 - ARMA Arizona, Panel Discussion and Awards Ceremony

5/18/2023 - ARMA Metro NYC-LI, How to Prepare for Data Governance 2.0

5/18/2023 - ARMA Columbus, It's All About the People! Mini Spring Seminar

5/18/2023 - ARMA Utah, Usana Foundation Service Project

5/18/2023 - ARMA, IG Policies: What is Good Content? (members only)

5/18/2023 - NAGARA and JustFOIA, Bring Your Records Request Process from Chaos to Order

5/18/2023 - IAPP and ISC(2), From Silo to Synergy between Cybersecurity and Privacy

5/19/2023 - ARMA Palm Beach Treasure Coast, Who's on First? Handling Public Records Requests for Vendor/Contractor Records

5/19/2023 - IAPP, Privacy beyond checkmarks: Law 25 & the evolving landscape of Canadian consent (members only)

5/22-24/2023 - MER Conference 2023, Chicago, IL

5/22-24/2023 - Document Strategy Forum, Charlotte, NC 

5/23-26/2023 - IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2023, Toronto, ON

5/23-26/2023 - Florida Records Management Association Conference, Daytona Beach, FL

5/24/2023 - Greater Kansas City ARMA, Establishing a Records Management Audit Program

5/24/2024 - ARMA Greater Sacramento Capitol Chapter, IoT and AI implications for Records Management

5/24/2024 - ARMA Houston, May Meeting

5/24/2023 - IAPP and OneTrust, Embedding privacy by design to enforce responsible use of data (members only)

5/24/2023 - Information Governance World Magazine, Information Risk & Governance Summit

5/25/2023 - Iron Mountain, Data, Records, and Compliance, Oh My! 

5/25/2023 - ACMP, Change with the Sanders Transformational Change Model (members only)

5/25/2023 - Contoural, How to Finally Get Your Company to Care about Over Retention

5/25/2023 - AIIM+, Meeting the Challenge: Fostering the Next Generation of IM Professionals (members only)

5/26/2023 - ARMA Hawai'i, Meet & Greet

5/30/2023 - IAPP and Exterro, The art of consent: Navigating the compliance trifecta (members only)

5/30/2023 - Leadership Through Data, Why Information Governance is so important for the new Microsoft 365 Teams & Teams Premium

5/31/2023 - Austin ARMA, Planning Your IG Compliance Roadmap

5/31/2023 - AIIM, Iron Mountain, and Amazon Web Services, How to Procure Faster and Accelerate Technology Adoption through Cloud Marketplaces  

5/31/2023 - IAPP and Ketch, Generative AI: Privacy and Ethical Considerations for Your Business (members only)

5/31-6/1/2023 - Laserfiche Empower, Long Beach, CA

6/1/2023 - ARMA Western Michigan, RIM Escape Room

6/1/2023 - NAGARA and Backstage Library Works, Moving Skeletons: A Network Drive Cleanup...

6/1/2023 - RIMPA Global and AvePoint, Making the case for information management: how you can prove value, remove risk and save money

6/5-9/2023, Data Governance & Information Quality 2023, San Diego, CA

6/6/2023 - ARMA New Jersey, INFORM 2023

6/6/2023 - RIMPA Global, Navigating Microsoft 365 Records Management in Government: Exploring Purview and Meeting Regulatory Obligations

6/6/2023 - ARMA Vancouver, Annual General Meeting

6/6/2023 - MER Sapient and Contoural, Ask the M365 Expert: A Full Hour of Questions and Answers 

6/7/2023 - ARMA Golden State, Networking and More! 

6/8/2023 - ARMA Upstate New York, National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum Tour and Records Discussion

6/8/2023 - ARMA Greater Seattle, Microsoft 365 basics: Using a proof-of-concept to plan your approach

6/11-13/2023, PegaWorld Inspire, Las Vegas, CA

6/12-16/2023 - 365 Educon DC, Washington, DC

6/13/2023 - ARMA Dallas, What’s Your Journey? An interactive discussion on the past & future of RIM & IG careers

6/13/2023 - ARMA Edmonton, Annual General Meeting

6/13/2023 - ACMP, TLDR: Tell Me What to Do When it Needs to Get Done (members only)

6/14/2023 - ARMA Puget Sound, June Chapter Meeting

6/14/2023 - MER Immerse Live!, IG Playbook Workshop

6/14/2023 - ACMP, Bringing Your People with You During Transformation, Presented by ACMP UK 

6/15/2023 - AIIM+, AMA: Digital Ethics 2023 (members only)

6/15/2023 - Digital Government Institute, AI & ML in Records Management

If you know of a webinar or other event during this period that is focused on IM, IG, RM, etc. that's not listed, let me know here or at Vendors, other associations, consultants, etc. all welcome as long as the event is educational and not completely self-serving, e.g., no demos. No charge to list your event or to access the list. 

If you're looking for a speaker, I'm available to speak at your chapter or event. For more details, see; this post also lists a few other speakers who are available and quite good. I published a separate blog post about how to find speakers and what to look for at

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