November 15, 2023

Upcoming Industry Meetings and Webinars - November 16 - December 15, 2023

Here are the industry webinars and events I'm aware of for November 16 - December 15, 2023. Conferences are listed through February 29, 2024 because they have longer lead times. I don't have anything to do with any of these from a planning perspective, so please reach out to the individual event producers with any questions.

11/16/2023 - ARMA Oklahoma, A Day in the Life of Information Management

11/16/2023 - ARMA Jacksonville, Thirsty Thursday

11/16/2023 - ARMA St. Louis, Museum-ing in a Ballpark

11/16/2023 - ARMA Utah, Shredding the Past

11/16/2023 - OCEG and LogicGate, How Are GRC Leaders Using AI?

11/16/2023 - IRMS Public Sector, ROPAs, IARs and Retention Schedules: How do we make the power of 3 endure?

11/16/2023 - Access, The Yin & Yang of Information Management

11/16/2023 - ARMA InfoNext Sapient and Contoural and Encompaas, How OpenAI Will Transform Information Governance

11/17/2023 - ARMA Hawai'i, Meet & Greet

11/17/2023 - Milwaukee Bar Association, Law & Technology Conference

11/21/2023 - ISSA, Privacy by Design: More than just a catchy phrase! 

11/22/2023 - IMCanadaConnect, RIM Lining Up with IT, Risk, and Security: A New World of IG

11/23/2023 - ARMA NCR Ottawa, Networking Event

11/23/2023 - InfoGovANZ, Information governance: The keys to success

11/23/2023 - Leadership Through Data, LTD Microsoft 'Ketchups'

11/24/2023 - IRMS Legal, M365: Investment = time, resource, money! 

11/27-30/2023 - European SharePoint Conference, Amsterdam, NL

11/28/2023 - ARMA Calgary, Tips for Enhancing Your RIM Career - think outside the file box!

11/28/2023 - RIMPA Global and Objective, PII Uncovered: Methods for Identifying and Managing Personal Identifiable Information

11/28-29/2023 - IAPP, ANZ Summit 2023, Sydney, AU 

11/29/2023 - ARMA Southern California Inland Empire, Chapter Meeting

11/29/2023 - ARMA New England, ChatGPT - The Good and the Bad

11/29/2023 - AIIM and Microsoft, Secure Your Digital Assets with Responsible AI Integration

11/30/2023 - ACMP, Getting Your Sponsor's Attention...And Keeping It!

12/2/2023 - ARMA New England, Holiday Networking and Charity Event

12/4-8/2023 - Data Governance & Information Quality Conference, Washington, DC 

12/5/2023 - ARMA Toronto, Virtual Social

12/5/2023 - ARMA San Antonio, 2023 ARMA Member & Vendor Social Event

12/5/2023 - AIIM+, Records Managers Coffee & Conversation: How Does Information Governance Make Work Better? (members only)

12/6/2023 - AIIM+, Microsoft 365 Best Practices for Legacy Systems and File Server Replacement and Migration in Microsoft (members only)

12/6/2023 - Meru Data, Implementing Privacy By Design: A Practical Guide

12/7/2023 - ARMA Triangle, Third Party Risk: An Information Governance Approach

12/7/2023 - ARMA Madison, Build and Sustain Your RIM Program with a RIM Playbook

12/7/2023 - Institute of Privacy Design, Vector Databases: AI Uses, Privacy Risks, and Mitigations

12/7/2023 - ACEDS, E-Discovery Day

12/7/2023 - InfoGovANZ, Cybersecurity: Key lessons from high-profile data breaches

12/7/2023 - Digital Government Institute, Electronic Records Transfer to NARA

12/7/2023 - NAGARA, Our Nightmare Before Christmas...

12/7/2023 - Osano, 2024's Data Privacy Laws: What You Need to Know

12/8/2023 - IRMS Info Rights: The Future of Information Rights

12/12/2023 - ARMA Mile High Denver, Holiday Lunch

12/12/2023 - ARMA Chicago, Information Governance & Records Management Careers

12/12/2023 - ARMA Michigan, Michigan's FOIA: Getting What You Want and Why It Isn't Easy

12/12/2023 - IAPP, Bridging the Atlantic: EU-US data transfers and the data privacy framework (members only)

12/13/2023 - ARMA Nebraska, A Records Stumper: Dying Without a Will - Celebrity Edition - Alumni Day Family Feud

12/13/2023 - ARMA Metro Maryland, University Of Virginia And NAGARA’s Program Excellence Award: The Program, The Process, And The Payoff

12/14/2023 - Digital Government Institute, Digitization Best Practices

12/14/2023 - Leadership Through Data, Topical issues around the role of a Data Protection Officer

1/29-2/1/2024 - ALM and Legal Week, New York City, NY 

2/19-23/2024 - TDWI Transform 2024, Las Vegas, NV 

2/21-23/2024 - ARMA Florida Sunshine Conference, Orlando, FL

2/26-29/2024 - New Zealand Digital Workplace Conference, Christchurch, NZ 

2/26-29/2024 - IAPP Data Protection Intensive: UK 2024, London, UK

2/29-3/2/2024 - ACMP Change San Diego, San Diego, CA

If you know of a webinar or other event during this period that is focused on IM, IG, RM, etc. that's not listed, let me know here or at Vendors, other associations, consultants, etc. all welcome as long as the event is educational and not completely self-serving, e.g., no demos. No charge to list your event or to access the list. 

If you're looking for a speaker, I'm available to speak at your chapter or event. For more details, see; this post also lists a few other speakers who are available and quite good. I published a separate blog post about how to find speakers and what to look for at

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