January 28, 2016

Grace Period for Lapsed CIPs

If you received the CIP but didn't complete your CEUs and pay the recertification fee within 3 years, you're lapsed and technically no longer allowed to call yourself a CIP. However, because of all the confusion around the cancellation of the CIP program and its reinstatement, we've decided to offer lapsed CIPs the chance to remain CIPs. This is a one-time grace period.

The way it works is as follows. You need to document 45 continuing education hours on topics relating to the CIP. These hours can come from AIIM events, other related groups' events like ARMA or PMI, or even vendor events as long as the content is educational and related. So vendor cocktail receptions don't count; neither did that ARMA chapter meeting on "Dressing for Success". But that webinar on privacy did, and so did the AIIM conference, and so did the demo of that new SharePoint-based solution.

You can document your hours using this form: http://www.aiim.org/~/media/Files/Training/Info-Cert/CIP-Maintenance-Form.ashx. Email the form to training@aiim.org. You can also mail it to:

Attn: CIP Recertification
1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 1100
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Make sure you include your payment information. The recertification form and payment must be received by April 26, 2016.

If you are lapsed, and do not complete these requirements by April 26, 2016, you will be decertified and no longer allowed to use the CIP designation or logo. In addition, in order to recertify after that date, you will have to take the updated CIP exam in accordance with the new procedures and pricing in effect at that time.

Questions? Email me or ping me on Twitter at @jessewilkins.

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